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Welcome to Biker@Home.

This is my internet homesite. I am a middle-aged English man, currently living in North Wales. More details about me are available hereif you want them.

This site contains a mixture of things - my blog, educational resources, videos and books on science and superstition and some games and funny videos for relaxation.

A detailed list and description of content is available HERE.

I have strong views on some topics - intersectional feminism and religion for example - so if you think this might offend you then please avoid my blog, since giving offence is not my intention. However, if you would like to debate or explore the issues further, in a civil manner, then I will be more than happy to engage, so feel free to comment (there is a comment system throughout most of the site).

If you  come across anything here that is factually inaccurate then please let me know - I do not wish to mislead or misinform and I am always grateful when people point out genuine errors.




LATEST:   Check out this astonishing guitarist - a young lady called Tina S.    I only came across her recently on YouTube.  She is mindblowingly, astonishingly good.

 Here she plays a cover of a song I know and love. She then plays my favourite guitar solo ever.

(For The Love of God by Steve Vai)                                                                                                               (Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd)

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