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Alan Watts and Eastern Beliefs


Insofar as any belief system is worth study, I think that Buddhism/Hinduism would be my choice. Don't get me (or Alan Watts) wrong, I do NOT buy into mysticism of any sort - reincarnation included - but, as Watts shows in these lectures, we need to put aside the easy, cliched notions that most of us have imbibed through movies, and be open to a world-view that is genuinely interesting. 

I'm not a Buddhist (and I'm almost sure that neither was Watts), but I take several ideas from Buddhism and include them in the humanist part of my materialist world-view. Ideas like avoiding the entanglement of attachments; realising that the universe is so much more than the tiny, sense-limited picture we are able to perceive; looking in, not out, for answers and understanding - and several more 'memes' that I find convincing, useful or both.  To dismiss the genuine scholarship and thinking that underpins Buddhism/Hinduism would be parochial to the point of delusion, but to study it in depth is the work of a lifetime (or, perhaps, several....:-) ).

Watts explains the often deeply ineffable Buddhist/Hindu world-view with a clarity, empathy and scholarship that gets as close as anyone I've ever read or heard to expressing the basic nature of Buddhist beliefs, coherently,  to an audience willing to devote a few hours, but certainly not months, let alone years, of attention.


Click below to listen to his entire lecture series, titled 'Loosing your Mind'. 

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Alan Watts Lectures


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