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Biker's Audiobooks

It is my experience that the best way to view books on the web is a combination of text and audio.  Audio alone is too restrictive, since you often need diagrams and other images - particularly in science.  Text alone is hard work and needs hands free to turn pages and hold the book.   By combining the two, the reader can take a break and just listen when there is nothing requiring focussed attention, yet still be able to conduct close analysis on the material if and when required. Typically I will sit back and listen to anything up to 80% of a book, with the other 20% spent looking at images, formulae, diagrams and/or maps. This is done using the play on/off button to move backwards and re-read.  But how YOU use this facility is up to you.
Please be aware - I have reduced the quality of audio to keep the loading times as fast as possible, and to discourage people from trying to rip this material. I would encourage people to do what I have done - BUY the books and the audio. These copies are intended for reference - to settle an argument, to check if a concept or quote is true or not.

If the audio does not play, click refresh to reload the page and audio data, then wait at least a minute or two before clicking 'play' again. The play button is a toggle - ie it switches on, then off, then on...etc. The sound files are compressed but they are still significantly large and could take a time to download so please be patient and try to avoid mouse-click fever.


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