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Audiobooks on Science

Please note that the books all have an audio reading enclosed. I have found from experience that audiobooks are a very useful and worthwhile format, but they have their problems. Chief amongst them is the problem of diagrams, maps, illustrations etc. Text books have their own problems - the need to turn pages and the concentration required. I find that a mix of the two is almost ideal. You can read along or just listen for most of the time, and you have the non-text content when needed.  The problem is that, even though I have reduced the size (and therefore the quality) of the audio as much as I could bring myself to do, the stream is still quite large and will take time to download.  If you click for audio and get nothing, refresh the browser and wait for at least a minute before clicking on play again. 

chaos RedQueen TroubleWithPhysics BadScience
BeginningOfIntinity NatureNurture
BadPharma arrival
Something Deeply Hidden Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime

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